About Me

Skills & Interests

Acting, Public Speaking:  facilitation, platform, comedic,  teleprompter

(studio & stage)


Health/Fitness:  walking, jogging, weight/resistance training, snow skiing, cycling, mountain biking



I'd like to share with you my most recent Partnership.


I'm proud to work with many agencies, managers and casting directors.  I look forward to our continued success.


I love to perform.  It allows me to escape and live out the dreams of my youth.  Each script is like looking at life through the eyes of a child.  On a recent project I was  amazed at the passion and professionalism of the cast and crew and how each piece of the puzzle morphed together...it was nothing short of amazing.

A native of Illinois, my college days led me to the University of Kansas. As a student-athlete, I excelled in football and track & field, while preparing for my career. Upon graduation, I attended graduate school and then completed an internship in hospital and health services administration.


In addition to my corporate resume, I have owned and successfully operated several businesses (health clubs, real estate investment firm, painting franchise).  Therefore, I have had first hand experience as an employee, employer and business owner.


Traveling is a true passion and I am an avid cyclist and snow skier.  Furthermore, my passion extends to acting, singing and the theater. Active in my community; I serve as a volunteer and certified adoptive & foster parent.  I am also available to speak and continue to conduct training seminars on a variety of personal development and business related topics.



Mine are the eyes of a writer, too.


Don't think that I'm confined to just performing.  I have been writing and studying for years.  I have written training and how-to manuals, poetry and short-stories.  Currently preparing my first script with the working title, "The Catalyst."  I am a seasoned speaker, facilitator and trainer.        


For the past few years, I've refined my skills and techniques while taking it upon myself to continue my studies with private coaches.  Much credit to the Gateway Theater School of Acting in Bellport, NY who challenged me to became serious about my craft.  To this day I am thankful for the support of Robin Joy Allan and her staff.  The result of our labors will hopefully be many years of successful performances.

I give back to the community and support small businesses;  especially those who support the arts. 

Byron Michael Howard